U3A Bermagui & District Inc

Fishing for knowledge

What is U3A?

U3A stands for the University of the Third Age. We are part of a world-wide movement where people in their Third age, (retirement) teach others what they have learnt in their Second age (working life). For example, someone who has worked a journalist can teach others about how to write articles for newspapers.

Perhaps you would like to present a course?

Think about how you would like to present the course: as a one off session or a weekly or fortnightly class. It is entirely up to the leader as to the content and manner of presentation. You know what comes naturally. There is a lot of satisfaction and joy in sharing you knowledge and it also being appreciated!

The course leader chooses their venue, at home, or in a community meeting room. Our Curriculum Co-ordinator can help you with this. Work out what materials you need and the minimum/maximum number of people to be present.

You don’t need any qualifications to teach a course, just enthusiasm or a passion.  You are sharing your knowledge with others, and you can use technology, such as Powerpoint Presentation or use the chalk and talk method or have a group discussion.  If you need professional help, we have former teachers to mentor you.

The fees charged to the participants should generally cover the cost of running a U3A course or event. Such costs could include venue hire, refreshments, photocopying and other consumables, as well as the tutor’s travel costs to and from the venue. Tutoring a U3A course is a voluntary activity, and tutors are not able to be reimbursed for their time.

Other ways you can help.

Since U3A is based on shared learning you may find that you are not in a position to offer a course.  However you probably can offer to help in other ways.  We always need fresh ideas, new blood and enthusiasm.  Come and work on our committee! The committee actually makes the whole U3A work in the Bermagui area. We meet on the last Monday morning of every month and chew through the current issues, set the right path and publicise the courses.

Or let us know that you can help by supporting the Committee in other ways. Perhaps you can sing or perform at gatherings.  Perhaps you’re a good cook and can bring food, perhaps you are a sign writer, or you can make things for us.  There are many varied needs and opportunities! You will be popular!