Online Learning


Keeping U3A Alive

The pandemic reality sees many of us isolated from our usual activities, loved ones, far and wide, and our local friends. The U3A community is also feeling empty and disconnected, particularly now that face to face classes are not being held, however, we recognise there is a need to continue to feed our curiosity, maintain our levels of mental and physical health while staying at home and practicing social distancing. 

So we are now providing a range of online classes using the Zoom platform. Classes on offer this term are available at the current program page.

Videos of online sessions conducted on the Zoom platform will be shown here. All videos are hosted on the U3A Bermagui YouTube channel.


Jesus  is coming – look busy. A talk by John James held on 2nd September 2020 – Part 1.

Jesus  is coming – look busy. A talk by John James held on 2nd September 2020 – Part 2.

As a means for our community members to ‘have a voice’ and continue connections the U3A Community Newsletter will be available on line on the 20th of each month until face to face classes resume.

Let us know how you are occupying yourself, what keeps you engaged during the day/night, share your favourite music, books, poems, how do you keep your social connections alive and vital as many of us have far flung family and friends– then write them up and submit them to  before the 7th of the month for publication.

Remember this is not a newsletter for the Committee or the Program Team, but for all members. We will make this a Coronavirus free zone as I’m sure members have their own preferred channels of information that they use and we are not wanting to promote any of these over any others. Please put your name at the bottom of your article and if you wish to share your contact details, then you are welcome to do so.

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