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Become a Presenter

We value our Course Presenters – they are what makes us work! You may have specialist knowledge in a particular area, such as science, technology, languages, games, arts, crafts, drama, topical issues or philosophy. Or you may simply like to gather people with similar interest together for discussion or craft such as an art or musical group, sharing ancestor stories, a travel story group, current affairs discussion group.

Think about how you would like to present the course: as a one-off session or a weekly or fortnightly class. It is entirely up to the presenter as to the content and manner of presentation. You know what comes naturally. There is a lot of satisfaction and joy in sharing your knowledge and being appreciated!

You don’t need any qualifications to teach a course, just enthusiasm or a passion. You can use technology, such as Powerpoint Presentation or use the chalk and talk method or have a group discussion. U3A provides laptop and projector equipment to assist you in the presentation of your course material. If you need professional help, we have former teachers to mentor you.

The fees charged to the participants should generally cover the cost of running a course or event. Such costs could include venue hire, refreshments, photocopying and other consumables, as well as the tutor’s travel costs to and from the venue. Conducting a U3A course is a voluntary activity, and tutors are not able to be reimbursed for their time.

The Program Team for 2018 is:

 Program Coordinator  Jan Rivers  6493 6300 / 0409 901 672
 Program Coordinator  Ruth Perrett  4476 8735 / 0408 786 546
 Rachel Colombo  6493 7385 / 0412 442 854
 Debra Cushion  6493 3713 / 0419 253 700
 Kerry Davies  6493 4323 / 0414 243 490
 Dawn Hollins  6493 6999 / 0429 923 005
 Chris Mason  4476 1434
 Steve Payne  4476 2137 / 0417 738 331
 Chris Tay  0481 171 400
 Wendy Tucker  6493 5258 / 0403 587 091









The Program Team is the “driver” of U3A Bermagui and is responsible for creating the program classes, courses and excursions each term. Each member is assigned a presenter and as their Personal Liaison Officer will help you to arrange a venue, dates and times and other details as required. Each new presenter will be sent a Course Leader’s Manual which will also assist in course preparation and includes tips and tricks to a successful presentation.

Please contact a program team member if you have any questions or would like to offer a class.